Romanian Textile Clothing Leather companies and industry


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Are you looking for possible Romanian suppliers for any kind of textile or fashion merchandise? Try a quick search in the RomTextiles database of Romanian companies now!

Simply input a keyword (for example: "cotton". No quotation marks, please) or more than one keyword (for example: "cotton fabrics") and click on the SEARCH button.


Search in RomTextiles Database

You'll get a listing of Romanian companies best matching your keyword(s) from the RomTextiles database.

For each company, the following information will be included:

  • Company Name, City and Province
  • Product or Service Description
  • E-Mail (just click to send a message), Fax and Phone Number
  • Company Storefront (WEB mini-site), if any

In the upper navigation bars you may quickly access key sections of Romtextiles at any time.